With our Sapje subscription, ordering organic vegetable juice became even easier and cheaper. With this subscription you can order 3, 6 or 12 deliveries of your favourite juices, soups, juice kit or cleanses, enjoying up to 15% discount per delivery. You can choose which fresh vegetable juices you want to receive and when. You can change your complete order and date for each delivery.

Want to try a subscription right away? Then select at least 14 juices, soups or shots, a juice kit or juice cleanse and choose the desired subscription on the checkout page.

3 Deliveries

discount of:


4,37 – per juice

6 Deliveries

discount of:


4,14 – per juice

12 Deliveries

discount of:


3,91- per juice


Give your body what it needs!

The Sapje subscription is convenient, inexpensive and flexible. Ordering fresh vegetable juice has never been this easy. Choose your favourite juices, soups, shots, a juice kit or juice cleanse for your first delivery. With the online dashboard, you can easily adjust your order and delivery time for each delivery. You will always receive the order you desire, whenever it suits you.

Use the Sapje subscription to give your body what it needs. Maybe those are green vegetable juices or vegetable soups for more resistance in the winter. Or a juice cleanse to lose weight before the summer. Start your subscription with a vegetable juice kit to try our entire assortment of juices. Order only your favourite juices, soups or shots at the next delivery.

Another big advantage of the Sapje subscription: you can pause every delivery for up to 12 weeks. This is especially convenient if you have enough juices for a while or you’re planning a vacation. You only pay the day of your delivery.


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Up to 15% discount and super flexible! You choose which juices you want to receive and when.

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Easily customise each delivery through the dashboard and pause for up to 12 weeks.

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Organic cold pressed vegetable juices without the headache of making them yourself

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Delivered frozen at home for optimal freshness and nutritional value.


Starting a Sapje vegetable juice subscription can be done in a few simple steps:

discount juice cleanse
1. Choose the desired products

Visit the ‘Ordering Juices‘ page and select the fresh vegetable juices, soups, shots, Juice cleanse or juice kit you want. Each Sapje delivery subscription must consist of at least 14 juices.

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2. Choose your Sapje subscription

Once on the ‘checkout‘ page, select the Sapje subscription that suits you; 3, 6 or 12 deliveries. Choose the delivery time for your first delivery and checkout. Payments for subsequent deliveries are automatically debited after the ordered juices are delivered to your home.

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3. Subscribe

Do you want to be able to easily adjust future deliveries of your Sapje subscription? Create a free Sapje account to access the dashboard. Sign up now

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions about the Sapje ​​subscriptions? Check the frequently asked questions below or contact us.