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Give a friend a 15 euro discount and receive 15 euro shop credit

Do you want to get a 15 euro discount from Sapje ​​very quickly and easily? Then tip a friend and immediately give him / her a 15 euro discount on a first order. You in turn receive 15 euros shop credit. Discover below how this discount campaign works and how you can easily get a discount on your detox cleanse or other products, for you and your friends.

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Give yourself and your friends a juice cleanse at a discount

At Sapje ​​we would like as many people as possible to experience the many health benefits of fresh, organic vegetable juice. Create an account at Sapje ​​or log in and invite your friends to try our juices. You will then both receive a 15 euro discount.

Are you already a Sapje ​​customer? Then you can also take advantage of this discount. With this you can easily share your enthusiasm about our organic vegetable juices with your friend (s). As soon as they place an order with us via the special discount link that you have shared with them, they immediately receive a 15 euros discount on their order and you receive 15 euros in store credit on your account.

You can use your shop credit however you want; for example to pay less for your subscription, but also to try something different. For example, order a detox cleanse with a discount and see how you like it!

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This way you get a discount on your detox cleanse

Do you also want to order a juice cleanse with a discount and give your friends a discount? This way you can benefit from this great discount from Sapje ​​together!

  • Create an account at Sapje ​​or log in to your existing Sapje ​​account.
  • Click on the tip-a-friend button.
  • Share the unique link with your friend (s). This can be done via e-mail, for example, but also via social media.
  • If your friend places an order with this link, he / she will automatically receive a 15 euro discount on this first order.
  • As soon as your friend has placed a first order, Sapje ​​will send you a confirmation email and 15 euro shop credit on your account.
  • Go to the website and make your choice from our range. Use your 15 euro shop credit, for example, to order individual juices, composite boxes, juice cleanses, shots, soups or herbal tea. The discount can also be combined with a Juice subscription.
  • Click on the special shop credit button to get a 15 euro discount on your order.
  • Indicate where and when we can deliver the products to you and pay.

The more friends you tip, the more discount you get!

The 15 euro shop credit that you can receive applies per friend who places an order with Sapje ​​for the first time. For example, if 3 of your friends order from Sapje, you will receive a discount of 45 euros (3 x 15 euros). If your friends share the promotion with their friends again, they can also receive 15 euros in shop credit. Do you also want to take advantage of that nice discount from Sapje ​​and support your health? Don’t wait any longer and introduce us to your friends!